Why the Whistling Idiots?

The story behind the name "Whistling Idiots Comedy Dinner Theatre" came from my Childhood.

When I was young, I loved to whistle, but it was only a part of the total picture my father was painting of me as I grew up. Another favorite of his was "Hog Anderson" which he would call me when I would amass huge servings of food for dinner.

Reflecting back, I whistled a lot and it irritated my father so he would say "will the Whistling Idiot please shut up!" After a while, I became known as the Whistling Idiot at meals, in the neighborhood and everywhere else my father happened to be while I was whistling. Since I whistled all of the time, the name caught on.

And, I continue to whistle to this very day.

Come to think of it, if I ever have my own catering company it will be called "Catering by Hog Anderson".

-Steve Steer, Owner